Bauknecht Induction Hob
Bauknecht Induction Hob
Bauknecht Induction Hob
Bauknecht Induction Hob


Bauknecht Induction Hob

Induction hob

Whirlpool Europe S.R.L.

Beautiful and superbly flexible, Bauknecht’s Flexi Zone Induction Hob uses Flexi technology that dynamically adapts the size and area of the cooking zone - as either two separate zones or as a single extra large zone. It is perfect for oval, rectangular and elongated pans or for cooking with more than one standard pan at the same time. For immediate heat, the Flexi Zone comes equipped with a powerful 5.4 kW booster. The intuitive Slider Interface makes it simple to precisely control, selecting from its nine power levels or from cooking functions that make every day cooking simpler including keep warm, simmer, rapidly boiling or melting.

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Africa, Europe
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