BMW Soundtree
BMW Soundtree


BMW Soundtree


BMW Soundtree – driving pleasure creates the perfect Christmas tree. For Christmas, BMW came up with the perfect gift for their customers and partners: BMW Soundtrees – these are Christmas trees created by the cars themselves. That’s how it worked: the sound graphs of new BMW models were first recorded in an audio studio and then rotated 90°. Following that, the visitors of were able to create their own BMW Soundtrees with the help of a virtual accelerator and share their results via social media. Beyond, rapid prototyping enabled the trees to be 3D printed, set up at the showrooms or given to BMW VIP customers.


The BMW Soundtree, a website where BMW lovers were able to use a virtual accelerator pedal to create their individual Christmas tree from original engine sounds, has certainly been exceptional in its kind so far and was implemented in an aesthetically brilliant and brand-driven way that appeals to all senses. Additionally, the project has proven to be incredibly versatile as it continues to show ever more facets in various channels: from social media to materialization via 3-D printing. Fascinating!