Bosch Air 7000 Series
Bosch Air 7000 Series
Bosch Air 7000 Series
Bosch Air 7000 Series


Bosch Air 7000 Series

Air purifier

Bosch Thermotechnology Co., Ltd. (Beijing)

The new Bosch Air 7000 air purifier series provides a clean and comfortable indoor environment. The elegant, slim design with brushed metallic finish creates a high-quality and distinctive appearance which nicely fits into any domestic environment. The striking black touchscreen, made from scratch-proof material, provides surprisingly simple operation. With the detachable wireless air quality sensor with numerical display, the user can easily check the air quality everywhere in the home. Via Bluetooth link, the filtration system automatically adjusts to the detected air quality.

Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Specific country/region: China
Target Groups
Consumer / User