Bruker MPA 2
Bruker MPA 2
Bruker MPA 2
Bruker MPA 2


Bruker MPA 2

Multi-purpose FT-NIR analyzer

Bruker Optik GmbH

With this multi-purpose analyzer for process and quality control, the possibilities are endless; due to its modular design, the instrument can easily be adapted to specific needs. The robustness of the instrument allows it to be used both in the laboratory and on the factory floor. It comes with optional fiber optic probes for measuring samples directly in containers, e.g. in a warehouse. The MPA II incorporates state-of-the-art optics for outstanding performance and stability, and a long-life light source for enhanced robustness and reduced maintenance costs. The reduced, clean design ensures that it fits into almost every interior.

Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Africa, Asia, Australia / Oceania, Europe, North America, South America
Target Groups
Trade / Industry, Specific sub-group: Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry, Food and Feed Industry, Chemical Industry