Carbon Dioxide Purification Tower
Carbon Dioxide Purification Tower
Carbon Dioxide Purification Tower
Carbon Dioxide Purification Tower


Carbon Dioxide Purification Tower

Air pollution filter

Excessive emissions of carbon dioxide have led to increased global warming and extreme climate change, and nowadays industrialization is increasingly affecting human health. This project uses biotechnology to decompose excessive carbon dioxide emissions through the use of bacteria and genetically modified E. aureum or devil’s ivy. The unique new filtering process combined with carbon capture technology fits a vision of sustainable resource use.


The design of the air pollution filter tower would make a fascinating addition to any city skyline. Its static appearance means it can serve as a landmark and visual reminder that we need to change our consumer behavior in order to create a healthier environment. Meanwhile, it also quietly works to decompose carbon dioxide emissions and create clean air.


First of all, I am honored to be chosen by the iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD judges. This offers me great encouragement as a student. I am also delighted that this important ecological innovation can be seen by more people, and I hope that it will help to stimulate more innovative solutions to environmental problems.


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Taipei, TW