Carbon-neutral Hangtag
Carbon-neutral Hangtag


Carbon-neutral Hangtag

Hangtag design

Sustainable design is not just about big standalone solutions. It’s also about finding ways to change a million little things. Or, in the case of the fashion industry, about 1,000 billion cardboard hang tags that are thrown away every year immediately after purchase. This clever design concept combines a laundry sheet with a hang tag embossed with product and washing information. Rather than being discarded, the tag can be used to remove production residues from new clothing.


This very innovative and socially responsible project sets out to solve a waste issue by adding value and functionality. This is the way to make sustainability popular.


The iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD has been a goal in our hearts since the day we began our design studies. It is a great honor for our creativity to be recognized by the iF jury. We are very grateful for the guidance of our teachers and partners, who helped make this possible.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai, CN

Jiaying Li

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Yinshi Jin

Eindhoven University of Technology

Xinyu Mo

Dalian University of Technology

Jiaze Lin

Shanghai Jiao Tong University