Circular Farm
Circular Farm
Circular Farm
Circular Farm


Circular Farm

Environmental protection

More than 80% of all land-based animals and plants live in forests, yet every year, 12 million hectares of forests disappear to make way for crop and animal farming. This water circulation farm system is designed to grow more vegetables without occupying more land. The feeder at the center of the device attracts and feeds fish in the water, while fish feces, which are rich in organic matter, provide nutrients to grow vegetables. People feed the fish, the fish nourish the vegetables, and the vegetables feed the people. This method of farming uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture.


Nature has its own a waste disposal system; natural processes that are part of the cycle of life and death. The circular farm concept imitates nature's design with a closed-loop system. It's a process designed to solve human needs in a basic and sustainable way. By reducing land and water usage, it protects forests and has a more positive than land-based agriculture.


The design comes from the sensitive and detailed observation of life. Many thanks to the team for their joint efforts and thanks to iF for giving us this award.


Hubei University of Technology

Wuhan, CN