Cluster Learning Uganda
Cluster Learning Uganda


Cluster Learning Uganda

Refugee Education

The Cluster Learning Approach in Kyaka II refugee settlement, Uganda offers a simple, sustainable early education model that places communities at the heart of education provision and removes the need for costly classrooms and staff. By using communal spaces to teach children in small groups, we enable more children living in some of the most marginalised communities to access high quality education at comparatively low cost.


This Ugandan program shows a sustainable way for early-year children learning and prepares them for future school life. Local refugees are trained as teachers as well, so that the children can learn in their own dialect. This program is helping both the families and local refugees by establishing complete community ownership, independence and sustainability..


All of us at Children on the Edge are honoured to be awarded the iF Social Impact Prize for our Cluster Learning programme in Uganda. As a small charity, it's a huge boost when we receive international recognition for our work supporting some of the world's most marginalised children, living in the toughest situations. Our colleagues in Uganda were incredibly excited and proud to hear the news, declaring 'you have made us shine'. Thank you for supporting early years education for thousands of the youngest refugee children in Uganda.

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