Color Guardian
Color Guardian


Color Guardian

Medical device

Color Guardian is a medical device especially designed to help children who suffer from the chronic skin disease vitiligo. The user first scans the areas of skin affected by vitiligo. This information is then transmitted to the data processing center in real time to intelligently generate suitable tattoo shapes and patterns to cover the affected areas. Users can select a pattern they like on the screen or draw their own, then attach the tattoo printing module to the affected area and print the pattern on the skin. The tattoo printer uses pigments made from pure plant extracts, which are completely safe. Color Guardian also works for people with significant birthmarks.


I love the idea of helping kids with vitiligo or other skin anomalies to be more self-confident and even feel pride regarding their condition. These funny and attractive tattoos help to achieve that. This is a nicely designed device that uses digital technology for a very good purpose.


It is a great honor for our team to win this award. We call on all designers to pay more attention to vulnerable people and create great designs for them. Only in this way can we make the world a better place.


Zhejiang University

Hangzhou, CN