Combined Band Aid Vaccine
Combined Band Aid Vaccine
Combined Band Aid Vaccine
Combined Band Aid Vaccine


Combined Band Aid Vaccine

Vaccine, disinfectant tissue

This innovative vaccine delivery concept allows users to inject a vaccine into their own arms in two easy steps. After sterilization, the band-aid plaster is attached to the arm and the vaccine is administered via a water-soluble polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) microneedle. This concept has multiple advantages over conventional syringe-based injection: it is convenient, painless, hygienic, and very easy to self-administer. It also reduces the risk of infection due to unsterile needles and greatly reduces costs related to transport, storage, and administration.


Two major problems are solved: needle misuse due to unsanitary conditions, and slow dissemination due to personnel bottlenecks - beautifully executed.


I'm so excited to receive the best recognition of design as a student, and l want to say it out loud: I did it! I believe that design can benefit the world, and I will continue to create more good designs in the future!


Guangzhou Acadamy of Fine Arts

Guangzhou, CN

Xiangchao Zeng

Guangzhou Acadamy of Fine Arts

Xiaotong Zhang

South China University of Technology

Haohao Yang

Zhejiang University