Contact lens bottle
Contact lens bottle


Contact lens bottle

Storage container for contact lenses

This product concept allows contact lens wearers to easily store and disinfect their lenses at the same time. This ingeniously simple solution gives lens users one less item to carry, and potentially lose, while traveling. By gently squeezing the plastic bottle, the user injects the necessary amount of disinfectant solution into the storage box, which is located in the bottle cap. Users simply discard the solution the next time they remove the lenses. This product greatly simplifies the process of storing and disinfecting lenses. It saves time and eliminates the risk of spillage. An excellent example of a product design solution that delivers more than the sum of its parts.


A minor change to the normal function of lens boxes solves the pain point of portability, making it much easier for users to take their lenses with them on a business trip. The design is both clever and reassuring. In terms of appearance, it would be better if it more clearly communicated portability through its shape.


Thanks iF for giving me a chance to present my work. This is a great start for my career as a product designer.


Beihai College of Art and Design

Beihai, CN