Cool Blood Bag
Cool Blood Bag
Cool Blood Bag
Cool Blood Bag


Cool Blood Bag

Blood Bag

Blood is very sensitive and needs a perfect storage environment. If blood is exposed to room temperature for one hour, it will be useless. Therefore, it is important to maintain the right temperature. The ice pack helps to do this when blood needs to be stored in unfavorable conditions. A change in color indicates for how long the blood has been exposed to exterior temperature. This is important as harmful bacteria can be generated that weaken or attack the immune system.


The general form is designed well for storing and usability within the area of safety. The concept of mini icepacks and colour variation to view freshness of blood shows good understanding of the problems we are facing in the current situation.


It is a big honor for me to get this award. Actually, I've tried to apply for this award several times since I was a freshman. But this is the first time I have received this international award and I will keep on trying. I am really grateful to my family who supports me.


Kookmin University

Seoul, KR