Coral Reef Rescuer
Coral Reef Rescuer
Coral Reef Rescuer
Coral Reef Rescuer


Coral Reef Rescuer

Environmental protection

Coral reefs have been severely damaged by overfishing, marine pollution, and ocean warming. A recent UN report states that a third of coral reefs are at risk. This mother-son-style robot is designed to assist in the repair of coral reefs. The jellyfish-like son robot gathers information on the type and degree of damage to the coral reefs, then brings this information back to the Manta Ray-like mother robot which analyses it and decides on a repair strategy. The mother also carries a load of oyster-based bio-cement, which the son robot to perform 3D printing repair operations on the damaged coral.


This is very innovative idea for repairing coral reefs, which are home to a panoply of fragile marine life. Its modularity and feedback mechanism makes it highly novel. The concept has excellent potential and deserves to be explored further.


This is an unbelievable winning news! We are honored to win iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD 2020, and we will try our best to become better designers!


Nanchang University

Nanchang, CN