Cultuur in de Klas
Cultuur in de Klas
Cultuur in de Klas
Cultuur in de Klas


Cultuur in de Klas


The Dutch Cultuur Compagie wants cultural education for all children in schools. We developed "Cultuur in de Klas" (Culture in the Classroom), an online platform with the total supply of cultural programs for primary schools and with a marketing principle of fetch and push. Why is culture actually important in education? Kids find culture boring and education about it happens mainly outside school. And that's a shame. Because culture is a world of experience that children can enjoy, once they discover it. At primary school lays the foundation for the cultural development of children. It helps kids to function in a complex and changing society.

Client / Manufacturer

Cultuur Compagie

Alkmaar, NL

Beautiful Minds

Amsterdam, NL
Date of Launch
Development Time
other period:: 2 months
Target Regions
Further localization:: Holland
Target Groups
Further specification:: teachers, students (8 - 15 years) and businesses in the cultural sector