"Die kleine Kickerfibel"
"Die kleine Kickerfibel"


"Die kleine Kickerfibel"

Buch, Book

"Everything a kicker ever needed to know.“ Tabletop football is a pastime that has delighted generation after generation with the pure simplicity of the game. It communicates a spirit of sport that brings people together like no other recreational activity of its kind. This book illuminates what drives the “mensa-pedes-pillensus“, a.k.a the common tabletop football player, as no work has ever done before. It highlights the many different aspects of tabletop football in a wide range of graphic illustrations – from Prof. Dr. Grzimek’s socio-zoological essay to the “do it yourself” instructions for building a tabletop football game of your own.

Client / Manufacturer

HBK Braunschweig

Braunschweig, DE

Alexander Scharlach

Hamburg, DE