Dommelsch Jonge Bok
Dommelsch Jonge Bok


Dommelsch Jonge Bok

Beer bottle for a seasonal brew

Dommelsch Jonge Bok is a seasonal brew which is marketed as an "autumn beer" as it is only brewed for a limited time each year. Packaged in a 33 cl amber glass longneck bottle Dommelsch Jonge Bok incorporates strong designs and bold text printed onto clear Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL). The subtle red hues used in the high quality print finish enhance the autumnal tones of the beverage, while adding an extra dimension to the glass decoration. The Dommelsch Jonge Bok bottle is manufactured and decorated by Rexam Glass.

Client / Manufacturer

Rexam Glass Dongen B.V. / Rexam Glass Bad Munder

Dongen, NL

Mountain Design

Den Haag, NL