E6·Bentu One
E6·Bentu One
E6·Bentu One
E6·Bentu One


E6·Bentu One

Cultural and activity space


E6·Bentu One use concrete as the primary material for a place of contemporary cultural exchange. Set in a renovated 11m×14m rectangular underground room in a former Beijing offset printing factory, the space is enclosed by 3-meter fair-faced concrete slabs, with the floor and modular furniture set in the same color. The concrete-made bar and pendant lamps hanging above divide the service area from the activity area. Modular concrete stands with small wheels installed and multi-functional concrete cubes are convenient to rearrange for different events, creating an interactive relationship with people in this limited but unconstrained underground space.

Date of Launch
Development Time
Other duration: 2 months
Target Regions
Target Groups
Consumer / User, Specific sub-group: Artists, designers, architects, writers, scholars