Easergy T300
Easergy T300
Easergy T300
Easergy T300


Easergy T300

Distribution network

Schneider Electric(China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch

Easergy T300 is a flexible, compact control and monitoring solution for electrical distribution systems. Its flexible architecture can be adapted to meet the needs and scalability of the solution. Easergy T300 is used to control networks remotely from distribution substations located over a wide geographical area (across regions and towns). Its communication module (colored green) adapts to the substation location. Communication is managed and established securely. Launched in 2016 for the European, Asian and American markets. The launch of Easergy T300 comes after four years of product development.

Date of Launch
Development Time
"4 years"
Target Regions
Asia, Europe, North America, South America, "Middle east"
Target Groups
Trade / Industry