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Easy eating
Easy eating
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Easy eating

Smartphone app

Easy Eating is a lifestyle app that aims to create a more humanized usage environment instead of merely presenting data. Unlike most other fitness apps, Easy Eating abandons digital recording and obsession with diet. Based on the principle of "suit yourself", it helps users to better understand what foods are appropriate and nourishing for them. Using gentle, humanized interaction, it also guides users to adapt to diet control. Easy Eating is not a cold tool, but a friend that accompanies and encourages users. It motivates users to care for their health by developing habits of healthy living.


This design proposal offers a new and healthier perspective on dieting. It takes a different approach to many other apps that focus on managing numbers, and it's beautifully presented with a nimble graphic design.


The iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD is a great encouragement of our design learning, and also inspires us to develop new ideas about sustainable development. We feel honored and very grateful.


Beijing Innstitute of Technology

Beijing, CN