ELFA3 Converter
ELFA3 Converter
ELFA3 Converter
ELFA3 Converter


ELFA3 Converter

Heavy-duty converter

Siemens AG

To maintain a healthy environment and secure a high quality of life, cities must reduce their CO2 emissions. Electric buses play an important role in achieving this goal. The new Siemens ELFA3 bus converter can be combined with a wide range of traction drives. From hybrid up to purely electric buses, this innovative and modular device can be used in buses from 9m up to 24m. ELFA3 controls the power output – and also the energy recovery. With an IP6K9K degree of protection, it is designed for the harshest of conditions in the commercial vehicle domain. Its unique compact design and highest power density make it fit for the future.

Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Specific country/region: Global
Target Groups
Trade / Industry, Public Sector / Government