ESCAPE - Smart Luggage
ESCAPE - Smart Luggage
ESCAPE - Smart Luggage
ESCAPE - Smart Luggage


ESCAPE - Smart Luggage

Smart luggage

Rollogo Limited

Inspired by iconic travel trunks, ESCAPE is a contemporary carry-on case that doubles as a light and self-charging mobile office for business travellers. At a regular walking speed, the patented electric spinner wheels generate power to charge the removable, FCC-compliant smart powerbank and your electronic devices. Make every step count. ESCAPE has an easy-access top compartment that helps you keep your essentials organized in one place, a bespoke niche between the wheels fits the toiletry case for easy packing, and the top surface of ESCAPE is flush so you are free to work comfortably, anytime, anywhere.

Date of Launch
Development Time
25 - 36 months
Target Regions
Asia, Australia / Oceania, Europe, North America
Target Groups
Consumer / User