eX-F Series
eX-F Series
eX-F Series
eX-F Series


eX-F Series

Laser processing systems

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

This product is a laser processing machine that uses fiber laser and the latest control technology to shorten processing time by up to 80% and reduces stand-by power consumption by up to 70% for better environmental performance. Design points include: (1) A cover that encloses the entire circumference of the device assures safety. (2) Large windows and a special acrylic, that blocks the laser beam, allows both design and easy monitoring of the processing status. (3) Workability is enhanced by full-width retracting shutters, a processing platform height that facilitates work and a curved shape for greater approachability and operability.

Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Asia, Europe, North America, South America
Target Groups
Trade / Industry