Facettenreiche Natur
Facettenreiche Natur
Facettenreiche Natur
Facettenreiche Natur


Facettenreiche Natur

Interactive exhibition

Heinz Sielmann Stiftung

The exhibition "Long Live Diversit" at the Sielmann Nature Center Herbigshagen Manor takes visitors through the species-rich world of the "Green Belt" along the former inner German border. Unexpected shifts of perspective and witty storytelling help visitors appreciate the meaning of biodiversity, its relevance for our lives and how it is influenced by our actions. Individual spaces designed for experiencing specific cycles, processes and phenomena of nature offer intriguing narratives around biodiversity and encourage visitors to see nature from new angles.

Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Europe, Further localization:: Deutschland
Target Groups
Other target groups:: Ausstellungsbesucher