Fiat Group Automobiles Germany AG

The Fiat 500 is a smart and contemporary mobility concept that accompanies and inspires people throughout their lives. So to present the Fiat 500 online, we created an unprecedented navigation concept. Instead of having to click through complex navigation structures, users simply swipe through the website with the mouse. This way they intuitively experience the unlimited configuration possibilities the Fiat 500 offers. It’s an iPad feeling on a PC.


This site has an innovative design. There is a scrolling feature along the side which directs you to different aspects of the car. This is both very intuitive and easy to use. It´s not divided into pages. Instead it is just one page that you change your position on. It has a magazine type format that keeps you engaged. It makes good use of digital architecture to give you a fluid experience aimed at younger people. Nice sense of brand personality. Fun funky, individuality car. Content and graphic design. Brand personality is built well. The car is always in the focus.