gesis® NRG
gesis® NRG
gesis® NRG
gesis® NRG


gesis® NRG

Flat cable system

Wieland Electric GmbH

The new generation of the flat cable system gesis® NRG optimizes energy distribution and lighting control in buildings. It combines the advantages of a busbar with a cable in one product. By the safe tap-off adapter with piercing contacting it eliminates time-consuming cutting and stripping of the cable. The installation around corners is possible. The parallel feed-in and tap-off saves installation space. The design shows the product family and it structures the complex functionality without generating unnecessary constructed space. The chamfer curve indicates the direction of the connection. The handling is optimized significantly and easy.

Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Australia/Oceania, Europe
Target Groups
Consumer / User, "Planer"