hachi delight
hachi delight
hachi delight
hachi delight


hachi delight

Delivery robot

Guangzhou Puppy Robotics Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch

Hachi Delight is a smart delivery robot designed for large, closed compounds in Chinese cities. As a part of holistic smart compound ecosystem, it covers the “last 500 meters” from your door to dispatch lockers at designated places set up for easy security control. Using an advanced navigation system, it autonomously delivers parcels to homes. It can turn around on-the-spot in a 755mm diameter, ascend at 10° and stabilize on uneven grounds with 6WD. Facial recognition technology assures that only the intended recipient receives the parcel. It’s equipped with aerospace-grade robot dispatch system. Composed of mobility module and replaceable delivery module, it has unlimited potential.

Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Target Groups
Consumer / User, Trade / Industry