Huafa · Zhuofan Center
Huafa · Zhuofan Center
Huafa · Zhuofan Center
Huafa · Zhuofan Center


Huafa · Zhuofan Center

Landscape design

This project is a collision between engineering and aesthetics. For the landscape design of the Huafa Zhuofan Center, GND design cooperated with the Huafa Group to create an exterior space in line with the company's products. The designers conducted deep research for the development of this project, taking people's experience as the starting point, paying attention to nature, but also art, color and materials. The layout is modern and harmonious, a combination of aesthetics and practical features for a work environment. Materials and exquisite craftsmanship are combined to produce a modern, international, high-end and artistic aesthetic experience.

Client / Manufacturer

Zhuhai Huafa Group

Zhuhai, CN
GND Design Limited

GND Design Limited

Shenzhen, CN
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