Hyundai 45 Concept
Hyundai 45 Concept
Hyundai 45 Concept
Hyundai 45 Concept


Hyundai 45 Concept

Electric vehicle

Hyundai Motor Corporation

The Hyundai 45 stands out for its monocoque-style body, inspired by aircraft design from the 1970s. The silhouette's dynamic 45-degree angle sets the tone of the 45's unique typology as a progressive EV. The orchestration of concave and convex forms creates an engaging tension and character that is purely sensual, what the designers have dubbed "sensuous sportiness." The cabin is structured by a dynamic DLO terminating in the fast angle of the C-pillar, which generates a feeling of dynamic forward motion.

Development Time
up to 12 months
Target Regions
Target Groups
Consumer / User