I meet Boutique Hotel
I meet Boutique Hotel
I meet Boutique Hotel
I meet Boutique Hotel


I meet Boutique Hotel

Hotel interior

This project is located in the world's largest mountain city – Chongqing, China. The distinctive architecture of the city's buildings is largely influenced by the mountainous landscape. For this hotel, the stairs and steps are the core design elements, and the space is built vertically in a nod to Chongqing's special architectural traditions. Various methods for segmenting space were used to ensure privacy and in keeping with typical features of boutique hotels. The design also adopts key elements from the boutique hotel approach: small but beautiful, unusual, and a location in an area of geographical interest.

Client / Manufacturer

Chongqing Qiyuan Hotel Management

Co., Ltd.Chongqing, CN

Chongqing Age Golden Harvest Art

Decoration Co., Ltd.Chongqing, CN
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