igloohome Smart Padlock
igloohome Smart Padlock
igloohome Smart Padlock
igloohome Smart Padlock


igloohome Smart Padlock

Smart padlock


The igloohome Smart Padlock was designed for a variety of usage scenarios in our everyday lives. Its versatility is not limited to securing lockers but also lends itself to bike sharing, porch delivery boxes, small businesses, gates and more. Conventional padlocks do not allow for time-sensitive access, nor do they allow remote granting of access. The igloohome Smart Padlock allows both. These features bring more convenience to the user, allowing them to do more with less. Also, the Smart Padlock stores logs of which PIN codes or Bluetooth keys have been used to access it, which provides users with much greater visibility for retrospective monitoring.

Date of Launch
Development Time
up to 12 months
Target Regions
Africa, Asia, Australia / Oceania, Europe, North America, South America
Target Groups
Consumer / User, Trade / Industry, Public Sector / Government, Specific sub-group: Sharing economy participants, short-term vacation rental hosts, postal drop-box users etc.