Interactive® CLIQ®
Interactive® CLIQ®


Interactive® CLIQ®

Electromechanical locking system

Security-minded enterprises require a comprehensive and highly sophisticated solution enabling permission-based access to different locks. The “Interactive® CLIQ®” key contains a unique electronic ID code that cannot be duplicated or corrupted. A battery is also inserted into the key, serving as the power source for the key and cylinder system. The electronic mechanism embedded in the cylinder is a self-contained, wireless unit, eliminating the need to reconstruct doors and wire the entire building. Intuitive software programs, loaded on standard PCs, enable organizations to manage their dynamic security needs through an easily accessible interface. You can grant or cancel user access, eliminate keys from the network and specify access times for every member of your enterprise quickly and efficiently.

Client / Manufacturer

Mul-T-Lock ® Technologies Ltd.

Yavne, IL

Raved Designs

Herzlya, IL