Jelly medicine
Jelly medicine
Jelly medicine
Jelly medicine


Jelly medicine

Medicine packaging

Jelly medicine is enclosed in a bubble of jelly, about the size of a sip of water, so that patients don't have to drink water to swallow a pill. Poor hygiene and poor water quality are causes of many diseases, including cholera and typhoid fever. When taking medicine in such conditions, there is a risk of acquiring additional illness if the medication is taken with unsanitary water. Jelly medicine eliminates this hygienic problem because it can be easily swallowed without water.


Especially in dry and unhygienic conditions, safely dispensing medication can be a major problem. The packaging system designed here enables safe dispensing of medication without medical supervision. For the user the product is simple to handle, and it fulfills basic hygienic standards.


It is a great honor to receive the iF Design Talent Award 2020. The aim of our work is to ensure that people in developing countries do not needlessly suffer from diseases caused by contaminated water.


Hyupsung University

Hwaseong, KR