Jewel J30 / Touch T30
Jewel J30 / Touch T30
Jewel J30 / Touch T30
Jewel J30 / Touch T30


Jewel J30 / Touch T30

USB flash drive

Silicon Power Computer & Communications Inc.

The Jewel J30 USB 3.1 flash drive features the beloved look with exquisite acorn shape and engaging color choices that turn the drive into a lovely accessory and let the users exude their cute charm. Moreover, the distinctive lid-holder seed shape design with seed shaped charm enables a convenient way to store the cap and also allows the drives to be easily attached to personal belongings. Additionally, the use of micro COB (Chip On Board) technology and durable rubberized materials altogether promise complete protections against water, dust and vibration. In addition, the Touch T30 with USB 2.0 interface is also available for users to choose.

Date of Launch
Development Time
other period:: 3.5 month
Target Regions
Asia, Europe, North America
Target Groups
Consumer / User