Kakshaa - Search Engine for Learning
Kakshaa - Search Engine for Learning


Kakshaa - Search Engine for Learning

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Though digital education is growing & cheap internet access has penetrated lower strata of society, the cost of quality edtech apps and institutes continue to be an inhibitive factor and cause of financial strain. Moreover, Lack of awareness of free content and lack of skills in identifying such content is an untapped gap which if addressed can create a free of cost viable offering for the masses. Our idea to build a one-of-a-kind Search Engine designed for Learning & Development for school students sourcing free content available on web tied to their school’s syllabus, aims at addressing this concern


A critical component to educational attainment is democratized access to both legacy education material and ond content that quickly adapts to the needs of learners as the dynamics around the way people learn and change. Kakshaa's "search engine" design is one that is compelling.


We would like to thank IF Design for seeing the impact Kakshaa can have in providing quality education for students & teachers. The prize’s contribution will help in refining our offering as we endeavour to focus on providing free access to high quality learning for masses.


Sadanas Innovation Private Limited

Delhi, IN
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