Kinergy 4S 2
Kinergy 4S 2
Kinergy 4S 2
Kinergy 4S 2


Kinergy 4S 2


Hankook Tire Co., Ltd.

Kinergy 4S 2 is the all-season tire inspired by the ski plate. The main lateral groove is designed with the optimal V-shaped angle for high-speed driving experience on snowy or wet roads. Furthermore, the tie-bar in the center block, leading the drainage of water while the rigidity of the center section, is enhanced to improve the adjustment safety. The braking performance on icy and snowy roads is also enhanced with the serration cuts on the edge of the shoulder block. Pine tree resin satisfies both eco-friendliness and fuel efficiency by enhancing the low-rolling resistance by 20% and the durability performance by 20%.

Date of Launch
Development Time
25 - 36 months
Target Regions
Europe, North America
Target Groups
Consumer / User