Koralle S606Plus
Koralle S606Plus
Koralle S606Plus
Koralle S606Plus


Koralle S606Plus

Bathroom fitting

Koralle Sanitärprodukte GmbH

The frameless, purist and elegant Koralle S606Plus architectural shower solution can be ordered not only in many widths and heights but also in a unique room partition version. A stylistic feature of the sliding door series is its characteristic panel. It is available in high-quality paint finishes as well as in polished aluminum. The range of possible uses extends from corner showers and 2- or 4-piece sliding doors with partitioning wall to unconventional walk-in showers and U-combinations with door or corner access. An innovative magnetic guide on the fixed element means the sliding doors run particularly smoothly and make it easy to clean.

Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Europe, Specific country/region: Germany - Austria - Switzerland
Target Groups
Consumer / User, Trade / Industry, Other target groups: hotel industry, Specific sub-group: architects and civil engineers