La Rive Gauche de la Seine
La Rive Gauche de la Seine


La Rive Gauche de la Seine

Coffee packaging

In the context of the insightful phrase “La vie est ailleurs” (or in English, “Real life is somewhere else”), La Rive Gauche de La Seine allows consumers to “escape” from reality to a beautiful moment for a short space of time. To represent the concept, the black and white images envisage an ideal life with white space leaving room to breathe. A tiny wing leads consumers to the wonderful world. The design consists of the outer-ring filled with color while the inner-ring is lucid; the design transfers this design into a passageway. When looking down through the “window,” consumers will see themselves traveling through the wonderland.

Client / Manufacturer

Uni-President Enterprises Corp.

Tainan, TW
Leo Burnett Company Ltd.

Leo Burnett Company Ltd.

Taipei, TW

GT Design International

Tokyo, JP