LG Home Brew UX
LG Home Brew UX
LG Home Brew UX
LG Home Brew UX


LG Home Brew UX

Brewing app

LG Electronics

Home Brew is a home craft beer brewing machine. The device features a round LCD, making the complicated, long process of brewing easy and fun. Once malt, hop, and carbonation amounts are set, the LCD shows a preview of the beer's color, smell, and taste. Its exemplary design offers home brewers a unique and high-tech method for making one-of-a kind craft beer. During fermentation, the LCD displays bubbles and moving waves, an intuitive visual that signals the process is in progress. When the brewer pours out the beer from the machine, the display shows the volume decreasing. This way the user has an overview of how much beer remains in the machine, another convenient feature.

Date of Launch
Development Time
25 - 36 months
Target Regions
North America
Target Groups
Consumer / User