life performance
life performance


life performance

Diploma thesis

The task of Communication Design is to position the sender of a message individually, despite the various creative and technical demands this places on the media and the channels. Nature produces individuals that are each adapted to their environment, for example, in their size. Nevertheless they are always recognized as a part of their species, for example, as a fish. On the basis of its constant-variable design, “life performance“ demonstrates that a consistent appearance can be created in spite of variable demands. Not by an overkill of specific solutions, but from a systematic point of view: simple rules generate complex structures in a process. “breed 1.0“ is an application that, instead of saving design as the final product (like conventional graphics tools), defines it as a process. The computer reproduces design itself, saving lots of memory in the process. The same way as a huge tree originates from a tiny seed.

Client / Manufacturer

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH

Ludwigsburg, DE

Eugen Pflüger

Heilbronn, DE