Lighting System
Lighting System
Lighting System
Lighting System


Lighting System

Street lighting system

Poor and remote areas often lack effective connection to an electrical grid and therefore even basic street lighting is not guaranteed. This street lamp works off-grid. The central laser beams light to the individual lamps, which scatter it for street illumination. Only the laser tower needs to be connected to an energy source. The lasers it emits are scattered, reflected, and refracted by the lamps. This system allows a single light source (the laser transmitter) to illuminate a large area.


This is a brilliant concept and has huge potential to solve street lighting problems in remote and off-grid locations. Initial costs may be an issue but these can almost certainly be brought down through development.


Thank you very much for the judges' recognition of our team’s project. We love design and believe that it can help people live a better life. We take enormous encouragement from this award and will continue to work hard on this and other design solutions.


Henan University of Urban Construc

Ping Ding Shan, CN