LINE Welcomekit
LINE Welcomekit
LINE Welcomekit
LINE Welcomekit


LINE Welcomekit

Brand experience for new employees

LINE Plus Corporation

In the past, LINE gifted its new employees with company products. Although these gifts were high in quality, they did not necessarily offer employees any valuable insights into the brand. The LINE welcome kit includes a welcome card, a checklist for tasks, gift vouchers, and a planner. This new onboarding present has helped new employees to become familiar with and connect to the brand, just by opening the kit. The same gift kit is also presented to new hires in LINE’s overseas branches and has received strong positive feedback from all quarters. The LINE welcome kit is a prime example of how to demonstrate value creation through communication.

Date of Launch
Development Time
Other duration: 6 month
Target Regions
Specific country/region: Asia (LINE & LINE’s overseas branches)
Target Groups
Other target groups: new employee (internal staff)