Linha Office
Linha Office


Linha Office

Line of office accessories with everything-holder, paper-holder and wastepaper basket

The combination of injected polypropylene and laminate gives a special touch to the design of the Office Coza line. Composed of an everything-holder, paper-holder and office wastepaper basket, this product line uses simple lines, reinforcing the versatility of its pieces that were custom designed for offices and home offices. In addition to the multifunctional design, which allows it to be used as a wastepaper basket or for storing blueprints and maps, the office wastepaper basket also includes an assembly system that truly facilitates its cleaning. An added touch of practicality to give a very special touch to any work environment.


Design in Brazil - selected by Angela Carvalho The creation of design solutions with low investment in molds and tooling is the main challenge that Brazilian designers must confront. Marcelo Gonzaga reaches a great formal result with just few plastics injected elements. Smart...

Client / Manufacturer

Coza Utilidades Plásticas Ltda

Caxias do Sul - RS, BR

Marcelo Gonzaga

Rio de Janeiro - RJ, BR