Literacy  O2
Literacy  O2
Literacy  O2
Literacy  O2


Literacy O2

Educational product

This product is designed to help adults learn to read. Despite major global advances, hundreds of millions of people remain unable to effectively read and write. The main cause of illiteracy is poverty, and in turn, illiteracy is one of the main factors contributing to poverty as people become trapped in low-paid unskilled work. Learning to read and write is a vital step in breaking the cycle of poverty. This product is a self-learning tool with the potential to turn a person's life around.


Illiteracy is still a major global problem – both in developed and developing countries. This device gives illiterate adults a tool to learn to read and write on their own. The design is compact and discreet to avoid a stigmatizing effect for the user.


Chaoyang University of Technology

Taichung, TW