NeuViz 128 128-Slice CT
NeuViz 128 128-Slice CT
NeuViz 128 128-Slice CT
NeuViz 128 128-Slice CT


NeuViz 128 128-Slice CT

CT scanner system

Neusoft Medical System Co., Ltd.

In China, Neusoft innovated the first 128-Slice CT scanner, which integrates multiple clinical technologies and offers a reduced design. It defines a design language for the company. The combination of soft, patient-facing surfaces with precise defined structures offers a holistic design experience. Interactions happen on a multi-sensorial level through tactile, sound and light. The rings give instant feedback for the caregiver and also keep patients aware and informed, reducing anxiety. The bold new design of control panels include large knobs which make the workflow more efficient and intuitive and guarantee a similar experience between examination and control room.

Date of Launch
Development Time
other period:: 36 - 48 months
Target Regions
Asia, North America, Further localization:: Global
Target Groups
Consumer / User