Noise-collecting barrier
Noise-collecting barrier
Noise-collecting barrier
Noise-collecting barrier


Noise-collecting barrier

Noise-Deflecting Barrier

The EU Environmental Noise Directive lists the negative impacts of traffic noise, of which road construction is one of the major sources. In road construction, not only the machine operators, but also other workers on the site are exposed to the danger of hearing loss. In the long run, the noise affects mental and physical health. Our design is a mobile noise-control device. It takes the form of an inverted cone with a parabolic curve that directs the noise upwards towards the sky. We hope to reduce the noise pollution created by road construction and thus to create more public acceptance, as well as a better environment for the workers.


As cities become more densified, devices such as the "noise-collecting barrier" are going to become necessities to reduce environmental noise during road maintenance or other construction work. This is an original design which has been visually and textually well-explained.


I am glad that we got a lot of help and advice in creating the ‘’Noise-Collecting Barrier’’ over the past few years. The iF STUDENT DESIGN AWARD 2016 means a lot to us. It not only recognizes our ability and effort but also encourages us to keep on designing more products to help people live better lives.


National Cheng Kung University

Tainan, TW