Noor Island Park
Noor Island Park
Noor Island Park
Noor Island Park


Noor Island Park

Architecture and interior

Noor Island Park – a fallow island off the coast of desert metropolis Sharjah, transformed into a trans-media landscape park as a new type of urban space. An oasis of peace and tranquility amidst a sea of high-rises. 3deluxe’s Noor Island Park is its answer to the global challenge of creating new urban spaces that are both inspiring and thought-provoking, that include electronic media in their design and that still take their location and its culture seriously. The result, on Noor Island Park, is a 21st century landscaped garden where technology meets nature, light meets shade and the modern meets the traditional in a complex spatial experience.

Client / Manufacturer

Shurooq – Sharjah Investment

and Development AuthoritySharjah City, AE


in/exteriorWiesbaden, DE
Date of Launch
Development Time
25 - 36 months
Target Regions
Asia, Further localization:: Middle East
Target Groups
Consumer / User, Public Sector / Government, Further specification:: Family / Leisure time