Oh Crap I Gut My Future
Oh Crap I Gut My Future
Oh Crap I Gut My Future
Oh Crap I Gut My Future


Oh Crap I Gut My Future

Medical device

Oh Crap I Gut My Future is a gut biome monitor for parents of newborns, which offers nutritional advice to guide them in building a healthy gut microbiome (also known as gut flora) for their child. The foundation of the microbiome is developed in the first three years of life. This is the best time for parents to ensure that their child develops strong immune and digestive systems.


This service, despite its whimsical name, serves a very serious objective: to educate and support new parents in building their child’s healthy gut flora. The monitor is designed to provide a clear user experience and engaging interface.


We feel incredibly honored to have been awarded the iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD. We see our role as building bridges between different disciplines to offer new perspectives on important social developments – in this case the growth of preventive healthcare. This award offers validation that, as designers, we can bring something unique to this transformation.


Eindhoven university of technology

Eindhoven, NL