Organic Sewage System
Organic Sewage System


Organic Sewage System

Water and sanitation

Many people in India still live without sewage systems. This 'Organic Sewage System' is based on rice bran - a by-product of the production of "white rice". (India is one of the world's largest rice producers.) As a home toilet, a biodegradable container is filled with compost and rice bran, from which organic fertilizer is then recycled and which in turn can be used to produce more rice. This system protects both people and the environment.


This is a very well thought-out and sustainable system, which solves a major sanitary problem for poor residential areas. It provides a simple yet effective private toilet system that improves the safety of women and children while providing valuable agricultural fertilizer. The design is built upon a function-oriented and internationally understandable form language.


We would like to thank iF for giving us a chance to put our creativity to good use. Our deepest thanks to our school and professor Yonghoon Hwang for supporting our design. We hope more design projects from Handiwon are recognized by iF.


Hansung University

Seoul, KR