Philips GoPure GP9101
Philips GoPure GP9101
Philips GoPure GP9101
Philips GoPure GP9101


Philips GoPure GP9101

Car air purifier


The Philips GoPure 9101 redefines mobile air quality, cleaning the air in a car within minutes using laser-sensing technology. The simplicity of form and function meet the demanding requirement of in-car air purification with ease of manipulation and air quality indication during driving. Without adding complexity to the car interior, the functional demands such as air inlet/outlet and belt fixing are enclosed and hidden within the design form, which appears as one neat entity. The top surface has a laser-molded spin texture reflecting the premium quality that matches the metallic painted design.

Date of Launch
Development Time
up to 12 months
Target Regions
Asia, Specific country/region: China
Target Groups
Consumer / User