PINKAH | showroom
PINKAH | showroom
PINKAH | showroom
PINKAH | showroom


PINKAH | showroom

Showroom design

Sony Guangzhou Industrial Co., Ltd.

The decayed rock is the magnificent album in the long geological age, which is telling about the history of the nature and geography quietly. It is hard to imagine how the nature's extraordinary skill has cut and polished it as if it is a thick geological yearbook for human beings that fills the human beings with awe. The inspiration of the whole exhibition hall comes from the designer's experience and appreciation of life in the nature. The concave and convex of the wall's surface, as well as its color variation, are like the weathering effects of rock, providing us with a different visual feeling of modern and the future.

Date of Launch
Development Time
"3 months"
Target Regions
Target Groups
Consumer / User